Ghost Signs Of London

Ghost Signs: A London Story – The Book

If you love London and you’re interested in typography, design, architecture and urban history, then you might want to read on….

A labour of love you might say. It probably is, if it’s a project that you’ve been working on for the past 15 years. This is quite an incredible book. A carefully researched and collated book all about the ghost signs of London. It’s the most comprehensive documented piece about the typography that dawned the walls and signs of London shops, factories and advertising boards.

The book is work of art created by Sam Roberts and Roy Reed. They have collected together a visual orgy of London’s typographic underbelly. From the shadows of the past, each sign has its own story to tell and is well told in this impressive book.

The book has just launched on Kickstarter and displays around 250 of London’s most impressive ghost signs.  All the signs in the book are historically significant and contains details of what use they served and how they came to exist.

Ghost Signs of London is available to preorder on Kickstarter.